John Rich Kicked Off Plane For Being Drunk

John Rich was kicked off of a Southwest Airlines plane yesterday after crew members decided he was too hammered to travel from Vegas to Nashville.

According to TMZ, the inebriated 37-year-old country singer was ejected from the 10:50am (!) flight while he was boarding. Before stumbling aboard, Rich had already argued with two passengers, and his behavior didn’t improve massively once on the plane.

The ‘Big & Rich‘ singer was confronted by Southwest crew members who asked him to vacate the plane. There was reportedly no resistance from Rich – indeed, witnesses said that he remained peaceful and cooperative as he exited the plane.

A spokesperson for Southwest confirmed a passenger had been kicked off the flight Rich was on, but in line with company policy could not reveal the person’s name. Which is no fun, really.

TMZ pressed for a statement, and got the following:

“Our crew assessed the situation and determined that the passenger was not fit for travel under governing federal aviation regulations. The customer was rebooked on a later Southwest flight out of Las Vegas, but chose to make alternative travel arrangements. We have processed a refund for the customer and his travel companion.”

Rich’s rep was less cooperative, denying there was ever an altercation, and refusing to comment any further.

Rich, meanwhile, joins the list of famous people thrown off flights in 2011, a line-up that includes Leisha Hailey, Billie Joe Armstrong, Gerard Depardieu, almost Whitney Houston, and quite a few more.