Taylor Swift Sexily Performs 'Blank Space' At Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Danny Cox

A performance of "Blank Space" by Taylor Swift at the 2014 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wasn't all that those in attendance ended up getting. Anyone that was there was happy to see the sexy angels, but Swift ended up stealing the show with her voice, her performance, and her legs.

Perez Hilton did reveal that her look was slowly hitting the net bit by bit, and it's no surprise that people only want more and more. The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show isn't set to air until December 9, but the drooling and staring has already begun.

At the show which was taped on December 2, the 24-year-old star sang two songs from her his new album 1989. For "Blank Space," she showed up looking overly angelic, but not without all the ounces of sex appeal she could possibly garner.

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Later, she took to the stage and sang "Style" while being walked down with best friend Karlie Kloss at the beginning of the song. Upon hitting center stage, they looked at one another, grabbed hands, and walked the rest of the way together.

The song, said to be full of revenge for her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles of One Direction, held everyone in awe and stunned silent.

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Her time on the pink carpet before performing "Blank Space" and "Style" was something else all in itself. As she hit the walk in her strapless and steel embroidered dress, Taylor Swift had her cleavage and legs out for the world to see and no one was disappointed.

Many said that Swift could have been one of the Victoria's Secret angels, but unlike them, she didn't keep quiet.

The world of fashion could not have chosen a better performer to thrill and excite and entertain the crowd in London. Fashion eyes from every point on the globe are curious as to what each Angel will be wearing, but the attention has already been given to someone that wasn't even there to model.

Taylor Swift showed out and showed up just about anyone and everyone.

"Blank Space" and "Style" were hits, but that was to be totally expected. Seeing Swift get the jaw-dropping gasps, the wide-eyed looks, and the applause was also expected, but no-one knew that the Angels would be out-modeled by the singer.

[Image via Juliet Angus -- Instagram and WENN]