Former X-Factor Contestant Drew Ryniewicz Asks Fans To Stop Death Threats

When Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger voted X-Factor contestant Drew Ryniewicz they probably assumed that “the show would go on” as the saying goes but instead they were met with death threats. Now the former X-Factor contestant has taken to the public pulpit to personally support Paula and Nicole.

As I previously reported Paula and Nicole received X-Factor motivated death threats on Twitter and Facebook after voting off the 14-year-old contestant, among the worst threats was the following tweet:

“F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H.”

Now Drew is speaking out, telling fans who have made the threat:

“That’s not what I represent and that’s not what I want my fans to represent.”

Drew adds:

“No one deserves death threats.”

Perhaps “Bieber Fever” is becoming contagious for fans of other stars now, after all a death threat over a reality TV based talent show is extreme and quite honestly extremely pathetic on the part of the attackers.

Are you surprised by the rabid nature of several Drew Ryniewicz fans?