Viral Social Media Picture Of 7-Year-Old Girl Convinces Tesco To Remove Sexist Signs

When it comes to perceived barriers in the United States, this current year of 2014 has brought many of them to light — either in their enforcement or dismantlement. The Inquisitr reported on the latest news when it comes to this matter. In one example of progression, the gender barrier received another crack in its foundation as Scout Willis and other women in New York City are now allowed to go topless in public. However, the barriers between races have been thoroughly enforced thanks to Louis Farrakhan and Cat Daniels when it comes to Ferguson.

Now there are reports of a picture showing a disgruntled 7-year-old girl next to a promotional sign in Tesco, making its rounds in social media and the internet. The reason why it is so viral now is the fact it is sexist.

According to the original article by BuzzFeed, it reports that Karen Cole took a picture of her 7-year-old daughter, Maggie, standing next to a sign promoting an alarm clock with Iron Man, Spider-Man, and other Marvel characters on it. The picture was posted on Karen’s Twitter account attached below.

Karen Cole made it known that her daughter Maggie is a big fan of Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, and she loves The Flash on CW. What made Maggie pout was the fact that the sign seemed to promote that toys based off of comic book characters are great for just boys. According to Karen, it was also her daughter that pointed out the fallacy of the sign. Maggie also mentioned how it is wrong.

“She spotted the sign before I did and pointed it out to me by indignantly saying something like, ‘Well that’s wrong! Anybody can like superheroes, they’re being stupid aren’t they?'”

The Daily Dot took the news a bit further by including other examples of sexism pertaining to toys and clothing. Within the past year, DC Comics featured sexist t-shirts, one that read “Batman’s Wife,” Children’s Place featured a shirt telling girls they are bad at math, Marvel didn’t feature boys Guardians of the Galaxy products with Gamora on it, and Disney didn’t feature anything with Princess Leia. Then, of course, there’s the infamous Barbie book telling girls that Barbie can design software, but she’ll need help from the boys to actually code it.

Presently, Tesco has confirmed that the signs will be removed from all stores. This is confirmed in a statement to BuzzFeed pertaining to the alarm clock which also includes an apology.

“This alarm clock would make a great gift for both girls and boys. The sign has been removed and we’re sorry if it caused any confusion.”

Now that you’ve read the news of the viral picture that caused Tesco to remove sexist signs promoting certain toys, what are your views about it? Do you think the sign was sexist to truly be sexist or just a product of years of accepted stereotypical thinking?

[Images via Karen Cole’s Twitter]