Boy Calls Teacher “Cute” And Gets Handed A Suspension

A 9-year-old boy was suspended from his Gaston County school this week after he called his teacher “cute.”

According to Chiquita Lockett, the young child’s mother, she receive a letter from the school in which they accused the young child of sexual harassment.

In the letter school officials say the boy used a suggestive voice to say the teacher was “fine” while the boy says he only said “cute.”

Under district rules such language and the tone in which it was used are both considered a form of sexual harassment.

School officials told WSOC TV that the boy has been in trouble in the past, in addition to his cute comment officials have also had to warn his mother about name calling in which he used bad words to attack children.

According to school officials the comments have been deemed inappropriate and violate the student code of conduct.

The boy continues to profess his innocence, noting:

“I didn’t use bad language about other students.”

Defending her son Lockett said:

“What’s in that letter, what they accuse him about — if that’s true, I should have been notified about it… And if so, then I would have seen where a suspension would have taken place.”

Do you think calling a teacher “cute” is reason for a suspension considering the boys young age?