Model Lauren Scruggs Loses Hand in Plane Propeller Accident

Lauren Scruggs, a model and fashion blogger, lost her hand this weekend while she was exiting a small plane in Texas. Scruggs also suffered severe face and body injuries after accidentally walking too close to a plane propeller.

The New York Post reports that Scruggs, 23, was walking off of a small two-seater plane at a private airport in McKinney, Texas when she apparently walked in front of the powerful propeller. She lost her left hand in the incident.

But things could have been worse. Steve Blackman, an aviation enthusiast, said that Scruggs should consider herself lucky to make it out of the propeller accident alive. Blackman told the Post:

“These aren’t going to break if they hit you. It most likely is going to kill you if you get too close. If the engine is running at speed it will suck you into it, just like a jet engine will suck you into it.”

lauren scruggsCaring Bridge, a non-profit organization, has been providing updates on Scruggs’ recovery. A post explains the accident, saying:

“After exiting a propeller plane, an accident occurred where she walked into the front of the prop. Struck on the left side of her body, Lauren’s hand, head, and shoulder area were hit.”

Scruggs had facial and shoulder reconstruction. Her left hand was also amputated by doctors. But things are looking up for Lauren Scruggs. A recent update posted tonight reports that Scruggs spoke to doctors. The post reads:

“To the doctors and her family’s delight, Lauren said a few words this afternoon. When they asked her what her name is, she replied, “Lauren.”

Here’s a video of Lauren Scruggs, the Editor-in-Chief of LOLOMagazine, interviewing Kellan Lutz.

Do you think the FAA will find something faulty with the plane? And on a less serious note, if you had to lose one body part, what would it be?