Brent Taylor: Teacher Makes 8-Year-Old Student Unclog Toilet With Bare Hands

Brent Taylor, a Washington state teacher, ordered an 8-year-old student to unclog a toilet using only his bare hands.

KEPR reports that the Scootney Springs Elementary School student told his teacher that the toilet was blocked. Instead of requesting the staff maintenance workers to handle the issue accordingly, Brent Taylor told him the third grader to handle the issue all by himself.

Taylor reportedly told the student that “it’s nothing I haven’t done before.”

Following his teacher’s orders, the young boy pushed his hands into the toilet and tried to clear the blockage without any tools.

The young boy’s parents, Artie and Lisa Adams, asked their son about his day when he got home from school. They were stunned and shocked to hear about the incident as their son explained exactly what Brent Taylor ordered him to do.

“He said everything was good, but my teacher made me put my hand inside the toilet. We were like, ‘What?’”

His parents complained to the principal of Scootney Springs Elementary School about the actions taken by Brent Taylor, a teacher with 23 years of experience.

According to the New York Daily News, Taylor was issued an official warning by the school’s principal. Brent Taylor was also ordered to attend a course on hygiene.

Superintendent George Juarez confirmed that the case against Brent Taylor has officially been closed. However, neither of the young boy’s parents feel as if the punishment enforced was fitting.

The New York Daily News reports that, in their opinion, it was “lax” and they decided to take action themselves.

“He did get made fun of, kids did see this happen and he’s not going to go to that school.”

KEPR News conducted their own investigation and found that Brent Taylor has been reprimanded twice in the past 16 months for incident involving other students.

Those two incidents involved Taylor touching female high school students inappropriately. Taylor roughly grabbed the arm of a teacher’s aide in anger last year. Another teacher’s aide reported earlier this school year that Brent Taylor tickled her neck and made her feel uncomfortable, as well.

When their crew tried to interview the superintendent and find out if he thought that a harsher punishment should have been required, KEPR News reports that George Juarez stood by the principal’s decision.

It also has been confirmed that all of the incidents, including the recent toilet unclogging incident, has been permanently marked on Brent Taylor’s record. Taylor still remains employed at Scootney Springs Elementary School.

[Image Credit: New York Daily News]