Prince Harry Discusses Nude Vegas Trip, Appears On Front Cover Of US Magazine

Prince Harry has made several revelations after making his first ever appearance on the cover of a United States magazine. In fact, Prince Harry even discussed his infamous trip to Las Vegas, which resulted in nude images of the royal family member being plastered across the internet.

Prince Harry made these remarks during his interview for the 10th issue of the Man of the World magazine.

According to E! Online, after being asked about his holiday to Las Vegas in August 2012, which saw him play billiards in the nude with a co-ed posse, Prince Harry, who is fourth in the line of succession to the British throne, admitted that he was acting like he was still in the army, rather than a prince.

“It was probably a classic case of me being too much army and not enough prince. It’s a simple case of that.”

This is the first time that Prince Harry has ever appeared on a U.S. magazine cover.

There are actually three different Prince Harry covers, all of which were taken by Robert Wilson during his trek to the South Pole in December 2013. He made the journey in order to raise funds for the Walking with the Wounded charity.

Harry also spoke at lengths about his efforts to help Great Britain’s troops and veterans who have served in the line of duty across the world. Discussing the impact that seeing injured soldiers had on him, Prince Harry admitted that it had scarred him for life.

“To see young lads – much younger than me – wrapped in plastic and missing limbs with hundreds of tubes coming out of them was something I never prepared myself for.”

A close confidant to the prince admitted that supporting these causes has become a main passion to Harry.

“Supporting wounded servicemen and women has become one of the defining aspects of Prince Harry’s professional life over the past few years. He has a genuine compassion and understanding of the issues at hand, drawn from his own very personal experiences.”

Prince Harry then went on to discuss what he had seen during his second tour of Afghanistan, and he admitted that he was appalled by the tragedy that he came across to both civilian and military personnel.

“I saw horrendous things. The tragic injuries and deaths of local people from roadside bombs, some of whom were children; coalition forces lying on the battlefield.”

[Image via Cosmo UK]