Beat Diabetes In Four Months With Reduced Calorie Diet [Research]

A recent study found in Chicago’s Radiological Society of North America has revealed that a low-calorie diet is capable of beating diabetes in as little as four months time.

The study was conducted by a team of researchers located in the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands and examined the ardiac function and pericardial fat (the fat around the heart) in 15 patients with Type 2 diabetes.

By providing the studies seven men and eight women with a reduced diet of just 500-calories per day for four months researchers were able to closely monitor each participants body mass index (BMI) while determining when diabetes left the body.

Researchers found that the low-calorie diet reduced the amount of dangerous fats around the heart better than any available prescription medication.

According to lead researcher Sebastian Hammer:

“It is striking to see how a relatively simple intervention of a very low-calorie diet effectively cures Type 2 diabetes … Moreover, these effects are long term, illustrating the potential of this method. Lifestyle interventions may have more powerful beneficial cardiac effects than medication in these patients.”

While researcher into low-calorie dieting has yielded positive results researchers are quick to point out that such a strategy will not work for everyone and could in fact be dangerous if a doctor office consultation is not undertaken first.

Given the prevalence of type-2 diabetes in the United States this research and other similar studies could lead to a new fade in diabetes dieting.

Would you be willing to consume just 500-calories per day for four months in a row if you could eliminate your type-2 diabetes once and for all?

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