Family Lives With Dad’s Rotting Corpse For Six Months Waiting For Jesus To Raise Him From Dead

A family in Canada lived with dad’s decaying corpse in an upstairs bedroom for six months, because they believed that if they prayed hard and long enough, Jesus would raise their loved one from the dead. That, anyway, is what a court in Hamilton, Ontario, heard Monday when Kaling Wald pleaded guilty to a single charge of failing to notify authorities of a death.

Wald’s 51-year-old husband Peter died on March of 2013, apparently from complications of diabetes. But Kaling Wald told no one but close friends and her five children, leaving the corpse lying on a bed with the door and air vents closed in an attempt to keep the odor his decomposing body from permeating the house as she and her family — as well as friends —prayed daily for Peter to come back from the dead.

The Walds were said to be a happy family who were friendly and well-liked around their Hamilton neighborhood. They were also known as unusually devout in their Christian religious beliefs, even putting on inspirational Christian “skits” in their back yard for local homeless people, whom they would also feed.

They were recognizable anywhere they went in the city, by their family van, pictured above, which was plastered with religious slogans and symbols, including Christian crosses painted into the headlights.

Peter Wald reportedly refused to visit a doctor for his diabetes, even after he suffered the type of severe foot infection that commonly afflicts diabetic patients without proper care. When the infection killed him, his family, Kaling Wald said, believed that he was in “God’s hands” and if they just prayed for his resurrection, Jesus would bring him back.

“Jesus was able to raise Lazarus after four days,” said Wald’s lawyer, Peter Boushy, explaining why the Walds believed the same would happen for them. “When it didn’t happen after a month, they kept praying. There’s a clear element of an over-exuberant faith.”

The case of “over-exuberant faith” is reminiscent of an incident reported by the Inquisitr in July, in which a woman in Indiana took her hands off the wheel of a moving vehicle, believing God would “take it from here.” She immediately lost control of the vehicle and ran over a motorcyclist.

Puzzled neighbors who hadn’t seen Peter Wald in months noticed swarms of flies gathering around an upstairs window in the Wald home, and a disturbing smell coming from the house.

Finally, when the Walds repeatedly failed to make mortgage payments, a foreclosure officer visited the home and discovered the heavily decomposed corpse of Peter Wald.

The corpse was crawling with rodents and was in such a heavily decomposed state that it could not be identified by matching it with photos from Peter Wald’s life.

“It was unusual, yes. It was certainly not normal. And we won’t do that again,” Kaling Wald said after she received an 18-month suspended sentence Monday. “Laws exist and we know that now.”

But while Kaling Wald says she will not live with a corpse in her her home again, she says that her faith in the power of God to resurrect the dead remains firm.