Seattle Welfare Recipient Found Living In $1 Million Lakefront Home

A Seattle welfare recipient and her husband had their home raided recently by federal officials after it was discovered that the unnamed female was receiving federal welfare checks and housing assistance. The raid occurred after officials realized that the couple were living in a $1 million lakefront home on Lake Washington.

First reported by KING 5 the couple’s names have not been reported because charges have not yet been issued.

What is known is that search warrant documents show the female receiving just over $1,200 per month in public housing vouchers, monthly cash and a disability paycheck from the government along with food stamps. According to records the welfare benefits have been received since the couple moved into their large home in 2003.

According to property records the home is valued at $1.2 million and features 2,500 square feet, large gardens and a boat dock.

An unnamed source for the federal welfare program says a “flaw” in the program doesn’t allow the agency to analyze where people are living, therefore a ritzy address in an affluent area goes unchecked despite the welfare recipient listing a posh address for their checks.

Court documents show that the couple used the money to travel to far off exotic locations including Tel Aviv, top-notch resorts in Mexico and Turkey. The couple also gave money to charity on a yearly basis.

Here’s a video of the incident:

Do you think the couple should be forced to pay back all money received plus interest?I personally would like to see this type of fraud met with an extended period behind bars, I would personally rather have money being taken out of my pocket to house a prisoner rather than having money taken out of my taxpaying pocket so someone can take trips around the world.