Cleaner FriendFeed offers a cleaner FriendFeed

New browser based script Cleaner FriendFeed from AJ Batic offers (as the name suggests) a cleaner version of FriendFeed.

The script is offered via a Greasemonkey script or via Stylish, a Firefox plugin that is dedicated to tweaking layouts on a screen.

The official list of benefits:

* Cleaner and cool look and feel
* Different font style
* Highlights friends comments with baby yellow
* Highlights your comments with baby blue
* Replaced FriendFeed logo with FriendFeed Favicon
* Derived from Better FriendFeed

Out of the box it changes FriendFeed’s layout by removing the logo and changing the fonts, spacing and highlights. I’m not a fan of their font choice, but changing fonts, or indeed anything with Cleaner FriendFeed is as easy as opening Stylish and editing the file. I switched to Helvetica, Arial, Sans-Serif for a superior result (at least for my liking…and it’s the same font mix used here at The Inquisitr for text).

One notable thing for users of the FriendFeed Greasemonkey tabs: using Cleaner FriendFeed offers more space for the tabs, so you can run more of them without overlapping issues.

You can download the script here. Screenshots below, the first two care of Bwana McCall (via FF) show the look without the font change, the second two are my shots showing the layout with the font change.