Man Slices Open Dead Shark: You Won’t Believe What Happens Next

It’s not everyday you stumble across a dead shark on the beach, but when one quick-thinking American man found a deceased shark on a beach in Cape Town, South Africa, he knew exactly what he had to do. Slice it open!

The man sliced the shark open, not because he was a shark hater, or psychopathic butcher, but because when he took a closer look at the dead shark, he noticed that something inside the dead sea creature was still moving.

What could it have possibly been, still alive and locked inside the belly of the beast, one wonders. Well it wasn’t Jonah — that’s a whale’s tale. Nor was it an alien parasite sent to destroy mankind. It was in fact three gorgeous baby sharks.

The dead shark was a pregnant shark, and realizing the shark pups were still alive, the man skillfully used his knife to perfume a makeshift C-section on the animal. Remarkable but gruesome footage, captured by Beth Cordell and uploaded to YouTube, shows the man slicing open the shark and removing the shark pups one by one one, before carrying them back to the ocean by their tails.

As the beach goer slices into the shark, other skeptics on the beach cry out, “Err… I don’t think there’s a baby in there.”

But trusting his instincts, the man continues to cut before something wriggles frantically inside, forcing the man to jump back and holler as a baby shark squirms in his hand.

With shouts from a woman imploring the man to “not get bitten,” he tentatively helps the baby sharks find their way back to the big blue.

Although they may look kinda cute, the sharks’ savior was right to handle the young ones with care; sharks are born into this world with a full set of teeth that can do a lot of damage to the unsuspecting homosapien.

Rolling each shark pup over, the man then grabs their tails and hauls them back to their watery world. Witnesses shout “congratulations” and one woman gushes that it is the “coolest thing” she’s ever seen.

Despite their unconventional birth, these sharks will not struggle to adapt to life in the cruel, cold sea. Sharks are capable of fierce independence from the moment they’re born, and cut their mother’s apron strings at a very young age in case their ole toothy mamma decides to eat them.

The description of the footage on Cordell’s YouTube site reads, “This video is a good example of respect to all forms of life… You cannot help but admire the beach goers that helped the baby sharks live a life in the ocean.”

And you can’t really argue with that.