Phil Rudd - AC/DC Drummer In Handcuffs, Yet Again, After Coffee Shop Rumble

Scott Falkner

Phil Rudd has been arrested again.

The drummer for the rock band, AC/DC, was handcuffed and placed in a police car early Thursday morning. Phil Rudd was taken by police to the Tauranga police station in New Zealand where he currently resides. Rudd appeared in court where he was cited for breaching the terms of his bail after an incident in which he had an angry confrontation with a potential witness in his upcoming trial.

An eyewitness spotted Phil Rudd being placed into a police car in handcuffs according to Stuff on the morning (New Zealand time) of December 4. The confrontation with what has been described as a "potential witness" happened outside a coffee shop in a shopping center. The publication described the man Phil was arguing with as a "huge guy" who is reportedly Phil's former security guard. The guard reportedly made it clear he wanted nothing to do with Rudd.

"I don't work for you anymore."
"Back up. I don't wanna break your face."

The large potential witness pushed Rudd down again and tried to leave the scene by getting into his car. Rudd's current bodyguard tried to restrain the AC/DC drummer, and Phil reportedly starting kicking and fighting with his own bodyguard.

Someone called the authorities. The New Zealand Herald quoted another eyewitness at the scene who described Rudd's appearance outside the coffee shop.

"He was out and bloody dancing around and carrying on and… he was led back to the cop car and was driven away."

Phil Rudd played drums on the newly released AC/DC album, Rock or Bust, however, the band has stated that Rudd needs to "sort himself out" before continuing to play with the band in the future. AC/DC has announced a 2015 tour regardless of whether or not Phil Rudd is sitting behind the drums. [Image via New Widimi]