Man Killed With Hammer: Arrests Made In Death Of Bosnian Man, Teens To Be Charged As Adults?

Justice for a man killed with a hammer in St. Louis is one step closer today after police made an arrest in the case. According to the Associated Press, a 17-year-old man was arrested, and has been charged with first degree murder (as an adult) after the death of 32-year-old Zemir Begic. Robert Mitchell turned himself in to police after two other arrests in the case were made. A 15-year-old male and a 16-year-old male reportedly assisted Mitchell in bludgeoning Begic to death after the two “exchanged words.”

Robert Mitchell, 17, charged with first degree murder for Begic’s murder. 3 in custody, 1 still on the loose.

— BHDragons (@BH_Dragons) December 3, 2014

According to WCSC, the Bosnian community was outraged following Begic’s death. On Monday, Bosnians took to the streets in St. Louis to protest. Many made signs, and lined the streets chanting “Bosnia.” The protests are completely unrelated to what is going on in Ferguson, Missouri, according to police.

The man killed with a hammer was taken to a hospital after 1 a.m. Sunday where he died from his injuries. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the teens began attacking the man while he was inside his vehicle. He decided to get out of his vehicle shortly after, and that’s when things escalated. Begic was hit in the head, face, mouth, and abdomen. Reports say that he was murdered in front of his wife and two other people who had been getting into the car when the verbal altercation first started.

“Begic was a Bosnian living in Florida who was only in town to visit friends or family. St. Louis has a large and law-abiding Bosnian community that is now demanding answers. The community wants to know that they are safe and not the target of unwarranted attacks because of their nationality,” reports the Inquisitr.

The man killed with a hammer has caused quite an outcry in the area. According to Fox News, Bosnians feel as though the murder was a “hate crime.” The ethnic background of the three teens is unknown, but St. Louis Police spokeswoman Schron Jackson said that authorities do not think that Begic was targeted because of his culture, and the incident is not being investigated as such.

“Zemir was a good person who would have given you the clothes off his back. He never had any problems with anyone. He was my role model and a hero,” said Begic’s 20-year-old brother, Rasim.

Police are still looking for one more suspect.

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