Samsung shows us what their flexible tablet technology could look like [Video]

Samsung recently released a concept video for what their flexible, transparent AMOLED tablet technology could end up looking like in the far-off future.

It’s going to be quite some time before we see anything remotely close to what’s shown in the video, however. Still, Samsung is making progress with their flexible tablet technology, with the first flexible AMOLED device slated for release at some point in 2012.

Samsung isn’t the only mobile manufacturer looking into flexible technology for their phones and various mobile devices. Nokia is reportedly working on a flexible phone of its own, which the company showed off a functioning model of at Nokia World 2011. Nokia says that the device could be in the hands of consumers as soon as three years from now.

Samsung’s flexible AMOLED technology will also be used in upcoming phones in addition to tablets. The company aims to release one of each by the end of 2012.

Check out Samsung’s flexible, transparent tablet concept video below.

Source: (via Slashgear)