Giulana Rancic to Have Double Mastectomy to Remove Breast Cancer

Earlier this year Giuliana Rancic had a double lumpectomy as part of her breast cancer treatment. The procedure didn’t provide the results that doctor’s were hoping for, so now Rancic will undergo a double mastectomy to remove her breast cancer.

Rancic, who appeared on “Today” with her husband Bill, said that she could have opted for another lumpectomy, but the E! host chose to have the more drastic mastectomy because she wants to make sure that the cancer is gone for good. According to CNN, doctor’s said that after the procedure there is less than a 1 percent chance that her breast cancer will return.

Rancic said:

“For me, it was important to get the cancer out. That’s what I wanted to do, just get it out… At the end, to be honest, all it came down to was just choosing to live, and not looking over my shoulder for the rest of my life.”

Ranic said her decision was also persuaded by her desire to have children. If she had chosen the lumpectomy-radiation option, the E! host and her husband would have to wait years before they could try to have kids.

Rancic added:

“Bill said to me, ‘I just need you around for the next 50 years, kid,’ ” she said. “He said, ‘I don’t care what you look like, I don’t care about the physical portion of this. I just need you around for the next 50 years. So, let’s just get you healthy.'”

Rancic said that she is completely at peace with her decision, although she admits that she still has an occasional breakdown. After her lumpectomy, Rancic said that the outpouring of support from her fans truly helped her recover.

Rancic told People Magazine:

“I know it sounds so cliché, but I think it helped me recover quicker, and it got me in better spirits. The word I kept seeing over and over again was ‘strong.’ ‘Be strong. You’re strong.'” That word has never meant so much to me as it has this past month.”

Do you think Giulana Rancic is making the right decision?