Robert Pattinson Says Sex is ‘Weird’

After playing a more than century-old virgin for the series of popular Twilight films, it seems the man who plays Edward Cullen- Robert Pattinson- may have internalized some of the celibate vamp’s sexual hang-ups.

The predecessors to the films- the Twilight books- are notoriously associated with abstinence from sex, and Pattinson has talked about the strangeness of that sort of intimacy in a recent interview. Pattinson was asked about pre-marital sex by German tabloid BZ Berlin, and the Twilight star responded:

“I think that depends on how you grew up. I know people that wouldn’t do anything they regret later on. Everyone has to know for themselves. Sex is such a weird thing because it’s connected to so many emotions. It’s something really personal and that should be respected.”

The books are critiqued- and somewhat rightly so- for their unrealistic depictions of sex both before and after the big deal wedding scene. Both Edward and Bella are virgins prior to their honeymoon, and a significant amount of handwringing occurs over whether Edward’s super vampire strength will harm Bella when they consummate their marriage. Bella- as she does throughout the books- pressures Edward sexually, but after the first time, he destroys the room due to his big deal sexual skills. Bella is unfazed, but Edward begins his cycle of sexual self-hatred anew.

Of the dynamic, Pattinson told the tabloid:

Of course, because Bella and Edward are virgins and because of that we had to create those especially intensive emotions. It means a lot to the fans, that the two of them finally get closer to each other and we were aware of that responsibility.”

Do you think the Twilight films give young women an unreasonable idea of what sex is or should be?