Nancy Synderman Is Back At NBC, Says She’s ‘Very Sorry’ For Breaking Ebola Quarantine

NBC News has brought back their Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who was under fire last month for violating her quarantine to go on a “restaurant run.” Though Snyderman released an official apology, many people thought it was insincere — including celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell from The View. Now that Nancy Snyderman is back to work at NBC and the Ebola scare is dying down a bit, she’s offering up another apology. But is it more heartfelt this time?

According to the New York Daily News, Snyderman voiced her apology on an interview on the Today show. Dr. Snyderman claims she had no idea how terrified she made the American people when she left her Ebola quarantine in her New Jersey home after returning from Ebola-affected Liberia where she worked with a cameraman who was infected with the virus. Despite having reported on Ebola, Snyderman says she didn’t understand the degree to which people were afraid of it, even after coming in contact with an Ebola-infected person. The NBC-hired cameraman, Ashoka Mukpo, has since recovered from Ebola.

Nancy Snyderman sat down with Matt Lauer to discuss the issue.

“I’m very sorry for not only scaring my community and the country but adding to the confusion of terms that came as fast and furious as the news about Ebola did. We had already been taking our temperatures 4, 5, 6 times a day, and we knew our risks in our heads, but didn’t really appreciate, and frankly we were not sensitive to, how absolutely frightened Americans were… So I came back, agreed to a voluntary quarantine in my home, and then 72 hours, left my home.”

You can watch Nancy Snyderman’s apology in the video below:

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After Snyderman agreed to the quarantine, she and a few members of her crew were spotted eating at a New Jersey restaurant. This sparked outrage among the American people, with some expecting her to be fired from NBC altogether for the violation of trust. Snyderman seems to understand now that she made a mistake in doing so, regardless of how sure she was that Ebola hadn’t infected her.

“The thing is, I wear two hats — I have my doctor hat, and I have my journalist hat — and when the science and messaging sometimes collide, and you leave the optics of, in this case, a hot zone, and come back to the United States — good people can make mistakes… and I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do, and what the public expected of me, and for that I’m sorry.”

While the Ebola crisis seems to be under control in America, many are still experiencing the sense of panic that struck America when a man entered the U.S. from Liberia and later died with Ebola. There was widespread concern that an Ebola outbreak would spread through America, particularly if those suspected of infection did not remain in voluntary quarantine.

What do you think of Nancy Snyderman’s apology? Should she be forgiven this time?