Seeking Jessica: Scuba Diver Discovers Wedding Ring, Launches Facebook Campaign To Find Its Owner

Daniel Roark, a scuba diver from Gloucester, Massachusetts, discovered a wedding ring on the sea floor with the name Jessica engraved inside, and now his Facebook campaign to return the band to its rightful owner has gone viral, shared over 200,000 times.

According to the Daily Mail, Roark discovered the ring while diving off the coast of Playa del Carmen in Mexico earlier this year. He believes it to be a wedding ring, as it is engraved with the name Jessica, as well as the date “16 02 13”, and the letters “TYYJCEM”. Struck by the ring’s meaning, Roark started a Facebook campaign to identify its rightful owner, and the appeal has since taken on a life of its own, as over 200,000 people have shared it so far. The campaign also inspired a hashtag, #thelostweddingband.

“Ok, so while scuba diving around Playa Reef, Playa Del Carmen last week, I happened to find this ring… I’m quite certain it is a wedding band, because engraved inside is ‘JESSICA 16 02 13 TYYJCEM’. Unfortunately there is no way for me to know whether it was lost, or intentionally thrown into the ocean… Assuming it was not the latter, I’d like to find the owner so I can send it to them. If you know a couple who was married on February 16th, 2013, who lost a wedding band (likely while diving) near Playa Del Carmen Mexico, please have them contact me at If not, please take a second to share this. Let’s make some social media magic happen! -Daniel”

Roark noted on his Facebook feed that the story was promoted by George Takei’s page, accounting for 125,000 shares. As the Mirror observes, in another Facebook post, Roark expressed his surprise that the ring’s owner has yet to be found.

“I’m shocked at how much support the search for the wedding band owner has received!” he noted.

“Sadly the owner has not been found yet, but my hope for humanity was certainly restored! Always remember, even in this crazy world, there are a lot of kind people.”

Earlier this year, a married woman in Arizona lost her wedding ring on Halloween night when she removed it and placed it in a candy jar for safekeeping. As the Inquisitr reported, the ring was accidentally handed out to a child.

Anyone who either recognizes the ring Roark discovered while diving or knows who Jessica is can contact him through the email address in his Facebook post,

[Image: Daniel Roark via the Daily Mail]