’19 Kids And Counting’ New Season Confirmed: When Does The Show Return To TLC?

The most recent season of 19 Kids & Counting has wrapped up, but there is a new season on the way. Jill Duggar had made mention of continued filming during an interview not long ago and fans got a confirmation of that during the premiere of The Little Couple Tuesday night. When does the new season of 19 Kids begin on TLC?

As the show’s Facebook page shares, Josh and Anna Duggar briefly appeared during a commercial segment of Little Couple to share some big news. Despite showing the couple in a recent 19 Kids episode, revealing that they weren’t expecting a new baby yet, their status has changed. Josh and Anna are pregnant again and expecting their fourth child.

At the end of their brief appearance during the Little Couple broadcast, TLC noted that a new season of 19 Kids & Counting premieres in February 2015. Right now the network hasn’t detailed anything more specific than that and previous seasons have been all over the map in terms of exact premiere dates. For now, fans will have to stay tuned for more news, though everybody is excited to know that at some point in February new episodes will begin.

This new season of 19 Kids & Counting will have a lot to cover. Fans already saw Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard, but now they have a baby boy on the way. Viewers also saw Jessa Duggar’s engagement to Ben Seewald transpire late in this past season, but they got married in early November and that will of course be shown in the new season. Now there’s also Josh and Anna Duggar’s pregnancy to showcase as well, now that the couple shared the news via the network already.

Based on the timing, it would seem likely that the early part of the new season will focus on Jessa’s wedding planning as well as Jill’s pregnancy announcement. Viewers had to wait a long time to see Jill’s wedding in this past season, and it would seem likely that Jessa’s wedding will air later in the new season coming as well.

The early seasons of 19 Kids naturally focused a great deal on Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and the family as a whole at their Arkansas home. Now that Josh, Jill and Jessa are all married, fans are anxious to see more of their lives as they transition into marriage and parenthood. There will certainly be a lot to celebrate in the next season of 19 Kids & Counting and fans will be anxiously waiting for February 2015 to arrive so they can get started.

[Image via TLC Press]