Did David Guetta Put Out An Album You Want To ‘Listen’ To?

He’s released his first album since 2011, but did David Guetta create an album that we really want to Listen to?

Listen, Guetta’s sixth album, comes after what proved to be a very trying year. David has spent the last year touring non-stop and has also gone through a difficult divorce from his wife/business partner of 22 years. Guetta has admitted that these situations may have made their way into his latest album.

When CBC News interviewed Guetta about his latest release, he said, “maybe the lyrics are a little deeper than the usual dance music…” and “maybe it’s a wider range of emotions.”

While he admits that his personal life may have leaked into the lyrics, he adds, “maybe they can be dancing and crying.”

Guetta, the popular French dance music DJ, has worked with such stars as Nicki Minaj and Sia for past projects and continues to collaborate with them for this album. He also adds John Legend and Emeli Sande, who is known for her hit “Next to Me”, to the mix. With such lucrative collaborations, you’d think it would make for another great album.

The National seemed to be less than impressed, though.

“It begins with some faux-classical adagios to please the trance fans, attempts credibility by enlisting Ms Dynamite fora reggae-sampling track…”

They go on to add that “Lovers on the Sun,” the first track to be released from Listen, was “the summer’s most overplayed song.”



That being said, most others have had great things to say about Guetta’s latest musical efforts. The Poughkeepsie Journal refers to Guetta as “master of the dance floor hook.” They have a completely opposing view of “Lovers on the Sun” referring to it as the “album’s standout track.” It refers to his whole album as “techno euphoria on the one hand and piano soulfulness on the other.” They end by saying, “Guetta may be a club kid at heart, but his music managed to grow up.”

Billboard gave his album a three out of five stars rating and admitted that the album follows a very similar template to Guetta’s past works, but that Listen offers a “refreshingly intimate look at his songwriting style and his state of mind…”

It would appear that many believe that beats are classic Guetta, but that his lyrics are more powerful than previous albums. If you’ve enjoyed his past work, I think it would be safe to say that David Guetta’s new album is definitely worth a Listen.

[Photo Courtesy of Atlantic/Parlophone]