‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Cries Over Kaiser: Fights To Protect Family

Mary Jane

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has often been in the spotlight for being a bad parent as the other girls on the show have been taking care of their children from the beginning. This month, the spotlight was temporarily moved onto Leah Calvert as rumors surfaced that she had cheated on her husband, and Jeremy Calvert wanted out of his marriage. And for just a brief moment, Jenelle could take a break from the public scrutiny. But according to the Inquisitr, Jenelle did say that the show is about sharing their struggles and indirectly encouraged Leah to keep filming.

But it sounds like Jenelle Evans isn't paying her haters much attention these days. Instead, she is focused on creating a healthy environment for her two sons, Jace and Kaiser. When Teen Mom ended, Jenelle told her mother that she was ready to start the proceedings to get custody back of her son, Jace, and it sounds like she is finally ready. Evans is showing true signs for a caring mother, which was shown when she dropped Kaiser off at his daycare.

According to a new set of tweets, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is displaying true motherly instincts with Kaiser.

"Just dropped off Kai at daycare for his first day and now I'm in the car bawling like a baby," Jenelle revealed after dropping her son off at daycare for the first time.

This is a feeling that the other girls shared on Teen Mom, but Jenelle never had to do this with Jace as she was not the primary caretaker. Now, she is trying to make up for being missing during the early years of Jace's life. In addition, Evans is trying to show that she is a good mother on Twitter, especially since she is now also taking care of Nathan Griffith's daughter, Emery. A few weeks ago, she showed pictures of Emery's new room in her home, revealing that she would feel at home when she does stay with her father.

"Emery said no boys allowed in her room, that's right! Let's keep it that way, lol," Evans tweeted about Nathan's daughter, who now has her own space in her home.

Plus, Jenelle Evans has been Christmas shopping and all of the children are getting spoiled this year.

"Kids Christmas shopping done! Thank God for today's deals! Hopefully Jace will like the Hummer car and Emery likes the Cupcake Stand," Jenelle revealed earlier this week.

Even though Evans is putting on a positive image on Twitter, she is still getting into some arguments on Twitter. She recently argued with Nathan's former partner, Allison. She accused Jenelle Evans of not being able to get a job and accused her of doing nothing to improve her life. It is clear that Jenelle is only engaging in these feuds to protect her family.

"Enlighten me what u r doing to better your future for 'your family'. I'm doing everything in my power I can to better myself and my future," Evans replied, adding, "You're a joke."

What do you think of Jenelle Evans these days compared to a few years ago?

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