One Direction Fan Tweets Harry Styles 10,000 Times, Determined Teen Continues

A dedicated One Direction fan is making news today with her quest to grab Harry Style's attention. She decided to use Twitter to reach out to the singer. At first, she began sending the singer tweets about her date, but when he did not respond to anything she sent him on the service, she took her tweets to another level.

According to International Business Times, Beatriz, a Portuguese teenager, has sent more than 10,000 tweets to Harry Styles, and she has not stopped sending them. At the time of this report, she is on tweet 10,725. All of the tweets say the same thing, and she numbered each of the tweets.

Beatriz became a fan of One Direction after she saw them perform live in 2013. She has not met any of the members of One Direction personally, but she is determined. She wants Harry Styles to follow her back on Twitter. Beatriz reached tweet 10,000 on Sunday, and she paused in her spamming to mark the milestone with a number of tweets.It only took the teen two weeks to send the first 10,000 tweets to the One Direction singer, and she revealed to Buzzfeed that she posted each tweet manually. The teenager also shared more about herself and why she decided to spam Styles on Twitter.
"He didn't save me like I was about to kill myself or anything and bam, he saved me. No, but I was a bad girl. Like, I had bad grades, I smoked, I skipped some classes. When I started to like [the band] I tried to calm myself down. Then I realized that Harry was the most beautiful human being on earth, he loves to help people, to be a 'good boy'…and I kinda followed his example. He changed my life for better, he made me feel good with myself. He makes me the happiest girl on the planet, I'm not even kidding. I can't imagine how I would be right now if it wasn't him to be honest."
Has Harry Styles or any of the members of One Direction responded to the teen on social media? Not yet, but Beatriz seems to be determined to receive a response. She has not stopped her tweeting of the singer, and she revealed that she plans to keep tweeting Styles for the next year.

Styles has been busy in recent days. On Monday night, he attended a party after the British Fashion Awards. The Inquisitr reported that Styles ran into two of ex-girlfriends at the event. He was even seen flirting with one of them. However, his fans ignored the flirting with Kendall Jenner. They were more focused on his interactions with Emma Watson. Fans flooded social media with their desire to see Styles and Watson date. He is currently single.

One Direction is also busy promoting their current album release. Four was released in November, and it topped the Billboard 200 chart in its first week of release, according to Hollywood Reporter. What is next for One Direction? The band just announced UK tour dates for 2015.

What do you think of this One Direction fan's quest? Would you ever tweet someone 10,000 times to get their attention?