Ron Paul Spending Christmas With 500 Students

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul will spend part of Christmas holiday with 500 students in Iowa and New Hampshire. Dubbed “Christmas Vacation with Ron Paul” the students will help Ron Paul by heading door-to-door on behalf of the Texas congressman.

In an email to his younger supporter base Ron Paul wrote:

“I firmly believe the next generation needs us to fix our problems now, so there will be a great country left to give them.”

The move to court younger voters is nothing new for Paul who has “Youth for Ron Paul” chapters at universities all over the United States, including one chapter at Cornell University that current has 1,370 members.

The cost of the campaign is expected to be $600,000, approximately $45 per young campaigner. In realizing the cost Ron Paul has reached out to his supporters, writing:

“Although this program is very cost-effective, it still costs money. And that is something our campaign will need much, much more of in the coming weeks.”

According to the Houston Chronicle:

In the most recent Real Clear Politics average of polls in the Iowa Republican presidential caucus, Paul is fourth with 13 percent, behind former Speaker Newt Gingrich (24 percent), former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and businessman Herman Cain (tied at 15.8 percent).

It’s not exactly “spending time” with 500 young supporters but it’s a great way to get them involved in the political process on a more intimate level.

Do you think hiring younger voters to spread the word about his campaign will help Ron Paul?

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