Russell Brand Decries 'Rich' Landlords He Helps Exist

Russell Brand decried landlords he accused of driving up rent even as he denied that the expensive rent he is willing to pay for his own housing is part of the problem.

Paraic O'Brien of Channel 4 News spoke with Brand while the entertainer attended a demonstration outside the British Prime Minister's office.

The Daily Express reported that, "The short interview was conducted during a demonstration outside 10 Downing Street held by tenants of the New Era Estate in east London, protesting against the threat of 93 families being evicted."

The interview was fairly innocuous until about 32 seconds into the posted video at which point O'Brien said to Brand, "I mean, part of the problem is the super-rich buying property in London. Isn't it? How much did you pay for your place?" Brand tried to deflect the question by responding, "It's rented." He then began to become agitated and only became increasingly so as the interviewed progressed.


O'Brien wouldn't drop the question of how much Brand pays for his rent and Brand continued deflecting even as he placed a hand on O'Brien and repeatedly pointed in O'Brien's face. O'Brien eventually asked Brand if he was part of the problem he was protesting against. Brand denied that he was.

"I would say I'm part of the solution; people coming together to amplify the voices of ordinary people. That's precisely what's needed."
A fellow protester later joined Brand on camera, with Brand grabbing her arm and pulling her towards him. She defended him and insisted that he was helping "people like us" although she did not elaborate on if Brand was doing anything more than being a part of their demonstration.

And while Brand refused to answer how much he pays for his rent, the Daily Mail offered some insight into how much it could be. "An estate agent who asked not to be named said of the property: 'We had it on at £1,150 per week two or three years ago.'"

The Daily Mail went on to note that the rental property has helped drive up prices in the area due to people being willing to pay such high rental amounts.

"The warehouse conversion last changed hands in March 2007 when it was bought by a property firm in the British Virgin Islands for £1.25 million, having sold three years earlier at £730,000."

"Prices have shot even higher across the capital since."

This isn't the first time that Brand has attacked the so-called rich or the free market system. The Inquisitr previously reported on Brand attacking the "economic elite" in the United States as he encouraged people to spend their money on buying his book, Revolution.

[Image via screen grab from Channel 4 News interview]