Walmart loses “unspecified amount” of Star Wars: Old Republic pre-orders

Can we say ooppps.

It seems that Walmart has decided that it’s going to be an early Christmas Grinch this year as we get word of them losing, or deleting, an “unspecified amount” of pre-orders for the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. Apparently some customers have been getting emails from the retail giant letting them know about the issue using the old “temporary shipping issue” excuse.

BioWare has stepped in to let purchasers know that this will not effect Early Access to the game, except that players don’t have any guarantee that their pre-order will still be available to them. As well, according to a report over at the PikiGeek blog there are reports popping up on a lot of forums of players who are just a tad upset about the sudden disappearance of their pre-orders.

A quick look at the threads also show a large number of customers who are stating that Walmart has erroneously claimed to have refunded the amount currently paid off for the game. The automated messages says one thing, but their bank statement says another.

Senior Online Community Manager Stephen Reid from Bioware did issue a brief statement in the thread. Unfortunately, since he can’t speak for a distributor, all he was able to assure was players’ Early Access status.

via PikiGeek

Oh Walmart don’t you know that it’s never a good idea to mess with a geek’s pre-order, especially just before Christmas. Tsk tsk.

image courtesy of PikiGeek