PlayStation Vita web browser can’t be used while playing games

The PlayStation Vita comes packed with an impressive number of features and apps, one such app being a web browser. If you were looking forward to browsing the ‘nets while a game is loaded up to, for example, check out a walkthrough, prepare to be disappointed.

Andriasang reports that, despite previous information to the contrary, you won’t be able to pause your game and bring up the web browser. In order to access the PlayStation Vita’s web browser, you’ll have to be in the main OS menu without a game loaded up.

You’ll still be able to bring up the OS while you’re in a game, and you’ll have access to most features including music playback, your friends list and even Twitter, but you won’t be able to surf the net.

Andriasang notes in their report that the language of Sony’s correction to Impress Watch’s original report seems to suggest that this is an issue that could be resolved at some point after release by way of a patch.

The PlayStation Vita launches in Japan on December 17 followed by a North American and Europe release on February 22, 2012.

Source: Andriasang