'The Voice' Stunning Results: Team Adam Dominates And Team Pharrell Is Out!

The Voice experienced its biggest shakeup since the Live Playoffs a few weeks ago.

These eliminations were tough, as three promising Voice contestants went home this week.

Before the disappointing eliminations, it's important to note which Voice contestants were declared safe outright.

These persons clearly have the best shot outright of winning The Voice, but the order they were chosen in could have implications for future voting.

First to be called out was Team Adam's Matt McAndrew, whose version of "The Blower's Daughter" is still performing well on the iTunes single chart. In fact, he was close to dethroning guest Voice coach Taylor Swift herself at one point.

Also saved was Matt's teammate, Damien.

Rounding out the Top 4 was Taylor John Williams from Team Gwen and Craig Wayne Boyd from Team Blake.

At this point, there is no real surprise. These four gentlemen have been front-runners since early on in the competition.

That didn't make the bottom four on The Voice any less painful.

Ryan Sill, DaNica Shirey, Luke Wade, and Chris Jamison were all forced to sing for their survival.

DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade went with classics "I'd Rather Go Blind" and "Stand By Me," respectively. Perhaps not the best choices for showcasing their talents and reminding America why they should stay in the competition.

Ryan Sill, a veteran of this stage of the game, easily turned on the charm for Bryan Adam's "Heaven," However, as previously stated, there was no way Sill was singing his way out of this situation.

The third time was not the charm for Sill, as it was Team Adam's Chris Jamison who proved himself with a rather unexpected song choice, opting to close out the night with "Georgia On My Mind."

Following the live tweets made it easy to see that Jamison was upwards of 20 percent more secure than his nearest Voice competitor, DaNica Shirey.

The results revealed some major implications as we head into the semi-finals.

It must be said Adam Levine's ruthlessness in eliminating the promising Taylor Phelan was justified. It was a harsh blow at the time, but Levine clearly did not want to risk splitting the votes, which would see his contestants potentially go home. Each remaining member of his team speaks to a different demographic.

It's also important to note that Voice coach Adam Levine has been on point the entire season with his advice and song choices. You can say it's because he's determined to have a winner this year or because he's a good Voice coach.

Whatever it is that Adam has done on this season of The Voice, he has done it better than all of the other Voice coaches.

Fortunately for fellow Voice mentors Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, they each have one strong contestant left. Craig Wayne Boyd has the country vote locked down, and Taylor John Williams continues to be the sultry dark horse with the potential to win it all.

As for Voice coach Pharrell Williams, certain choices may have had a hand in the double elimination of his remaining artists.

Going back to the Live Playoffs, Pharrell Williams had the choice of Elyjuh René and Sugar Joans. It was obvious that the inclusion of Joans was personal rather than strategic. America didn't vote for her and given the earliest available opportunity, she was sent packing.

Despite this loss, Team Pharrell seemed to have one of the stronger Voice teams. However, if you take a closer look, this elimination outcome was inevitable.

America has sent women singers home The Voice for weeks, with the guys largely remaining safe. As such, DaNica Shirey was always in danger of going home.

Meanwhile, Luke Wade was the victim of a poor arrangement and a faltering performance. His fall from grace will probably be the story of the season when The Voice ends.

One wonders if Pharrell had been more strategic rather than choosing songs and artists according to his personal taste if he would have had a stronger say at this stage of The Voice.

In any case, it's important to remember that the game isn't entirely over for anyone sent home as of the Top 12. Each person will come back one last time to sing for America's vote as a returned contestant!

What do you think about The Voice and the bottom three? What could Voice coach Pharrell have done differently in influencing his team?