Eric Beasley Florida: Deerfield Bio Teacher Accused Of Having Sex With His Student Confesses, Faces 20 Years

Eric Beasley of Florida was having sex with a student at a Deerfield school for six weeks, and he has now admitted to the crime. According to Mail Online, Beasley, 25, was carrying on a relationship with a female 14-year-old student at Zion Lutheran Christian School in Deerfield Beach for several weeks. He was arrested and charged back in April, and has agreed to a plea deal.

Beasley was caught having sex with the young girl in his car in a strip mall parking lot. At first, he told authorities that the two were just consensual people having a relationship, but the girl eventually came forward and said that Beasley was her biology teacher.

Eric Beasley was in a Florida court on Monday. It’s unknown if the Deerfield student testified against him or if she was in the courtroom. According to the Sun Sentinel, Beasley faces 20 years behind bars for charges including persuading or enticing a minor to engage in sex as well as sexual battery. The girl’s parents have filed a civil lawsuit against Beasley as well.

Police say that Beasley’s relationship with the teen involved naughty photos and text messages in addition to physical sex. Beasley’s attorney Michael Gelety said that his client still cares about the girl, which is fairly evident in his text messages to her.

“I miss you. But we have to remain cautious and vigilant. Every meeting is a risk. l won’t let that stop me from seeing you altogether, but we should be cautious about how many risks we take.”

“I want to feel you. Inside and out. Not want. Need. l require physical intimacy with you. Kissing you feels as essential as breathing.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Beasley was placed on leave following his arrest back in April. It is believed that he no longer has a job, and likely won’t be teaching children at any point in the future.


“Beasley was released on a $92,000 bond, but Zion Lutheran Christian School Headmaster Phillippe Dupont said the teacher would not be returning to work. He has been placed on unpaid leave.”

Eric Beasley caused some Deerfield, Florida, parents to reconsider sending their children to the Zion Lutheran Christian School. Apparently a similar thing happened at the same school in 2005, which is raising red flags to many parents.

“I’m pulling my kids out. Do you know how much it costs to go to this school?” said one mother, who has four children that go there. Would you pull your kids out of that school?

[Photo courtesy of Broward Sheriff’s Office via CBS Miami]