'True Tori': Tori And Dean Start Fighting Over A Completely Different Woman

Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott are fighting yet again about another woman -- but it's not who you might think.

In the past, Tori and Dean have been struggling with the aftermath of Dean's rendezvous with mistress Emily Goodhand. Dean's infidelities led to him wanting to commit suicide and Tori wondering whether or not she should leave him for good.

On the season finale of their reality TV series, True Tori, new reports show that another woman will come between Tori and Dean. Even though the average True Tori fan might think that it marks the return of Emily Goodhand, Radar Online claims that Emily has nothing to do with it this time around.

According to Radar, the woman that comes between Tori and Dean is actually the woman that Dean chooses to become the new babysitter for their children.

Apparently, Tori Spelling feels threatened by Dean's choice and that conflict creates a major rift between the two spouses that explodes on camera.

Once Tori starts to talk about Dean's "instincts," that seems to be the straw that broke the camel's back because Dean delivers an explosive response before Tori Spelling can even finish her sentence.

"If you don't like my instincts, you don't like my choices... you don't think I can understand your feelings, then why are you with me?"
Tori Spelling then tries to reason with Dean by basically comparing the way that they are handling that particular debate with the way that any other couple would handle it.
"Do you think there is any woman that if they said 'I am not comfortable with this woman and I don't want her coming into our lives' and you bring her in anyways... that would be okay with that? I just want to know."
That question does not seem to calm down Dean very much at all. He continues by stating that he was only trying to help -- regardless of how the situation ended. McDermott must not have been able to handle it any longer, so he grabbed his jacket and stormed out of their therapist's office.

After he left, Tori Spelling made the comment that she keeps saying that she wants her husband to change, but admits that she no longer thinks it is even possible for him to do.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Tori Spelling has already stated that she will continue to film True Tori whether Dean McDermott decides to remain on the show or not.

Do you think that Dean McDermott is actually going to leave the show permanently?

[Image Credit: ABC News]