November 13, 2020
Natalie Roser Showcases Toned Physique In Revealing Top & Skintight Miniskirt

Natalie Roser flaunted her toned physique in a pretty ensemble that hugged her every curve. The model took to social media on Thursday to update her feed. She also shared a tidbit of news with her 1.2 million Instagram followers.

The Australian model revealed that she was checking out her new neighborhood for all the best lighting spots. As she regularly posts on her Instagram feed, she tried to find the best places for her to snap some selfies. The Daily Mail reported that she and her longtime boyfriend, Harley Bonner, moved into their new Sydney apartment in May. They moved into the upmarket Rose Bay area.

The influencer chose a stunning outfit for the photo shoot. Natalie wore a skimpy spaghetti tank top that bared her bronzed décolletage. The black vest had a floral print and tied in the front with a drawstring. She pulled it tight so that it formed pleats across her bust and revealed a hint of her cleavage. The handkerchief hem also drew the focus to her trim waist.

Natalie's pink miniskirt took center stage. The skintight pencil skirt hugged her slender hips and thighs, while the fringed hem also highlighted her sun-kissed thighs.

The social media star styled her hair in a deep side part. Her casually combed tresses looked beautiful as they fell freely down her shoulders and back. Her only visible jewelry was a simple pair of hoop earrings.

Natalie posed outside a garage door. Behind her, green palm trees and white pebbles provided a natural landscape.

In the first photo, the 30-year-old laughed at the lens. The light fell on her golden hair and lit up her gorgeous facial features. Natalie also beamed at the camera in the second shot. She put her hand at her waist and played with her hair as she grinned broadly. The third and final image showed a demure and serious Natalie working an angle. She slightly pouted her lips and widened her eyes for a sultry snap.

Natalie's fans loved her offering and raved about it in the comments section. Others pressed the like button to show their appreciation.

As always, her grin was a big hit with her followers.

"So beautiful with your brilliant smile," one admirer enthused.

"Absolutely stunning, gorgeous & what a beautiful/cute smile," another said.

A third Instagrammer paid her an extravagant compliment.

"I'm always chasing a ray of sunshine. You're gorgeous, Natalie," they gushed.

The Inquisitr reported that Natalie recently stripped down for her social media update. She wore nothing but a sheet and a provocative expression on her face and caused a stir among those who follow her.