Former Miss USA Arrested On DUI Charges

Former Miss USA Rima Fakih, 26, has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.

The former beauty contestant who won the Miss USA crown in 2010 was arrested in Highland Park, Michigan over the weekend.

When the arrest first occurred Fakih tried to pretend that it wasn’t her as she tweeted:

“Let’s clear things up now. … I’m NOT in Michigan and I’m NOT in jail! Wrong Fakih.”

A short time after the tweet was posted the Miss USA winner’s lawyer Doraid Elder confirmed that it was in fact Rima who had been arrested.

In response to his clients arrest Elder noted that Fakih’s record up until this point “has not a single blemish” and that she is “very saddened and very apologetic for the situation that she’s in right now.”

The arrest could tarnish Fakih’s role as the first Arab American ever to win the Miss USA pageant and the first Miss Michigan to win since 1993.

At this time police involved in the arrest have not released any details regarding the DUI.

In the meantime Rima Fakih doesn’t seem to be focused on her arrest and upcoming court case as she tweeted on Sunday morning:

“A long run always gets me energized! Its time to make football Sunday food.”

At this point we almost expect our pageant winners to become complete train wrecks or reveal something bad about their past that tarnishes their image and leads to the stripping of their crown.

Do you think Fakih will be stripped of her Miss USA title?