X-Factor’s Female Judges Receive Death Threats

X-Factor judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger have begun to receive death threats after they voted off Drew Ryniewicz during this weeks airing of the popular Fox TV music talent show.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Paula and Nicole both received the cold shoulder from Simon Cowell after the show, they then began receiving disturbing messages on Facebook and Twitter which included:

— “F**K you paula you dumb c**t you voted off the most talented person on your f**king show. i hope you die you DUMB B***H.”

— “I hope you die, you selfish———-“

— “@NicoleScherzy @paulaabdul go die”

According to show officials both Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were extremely surprised to see such an outpouring of hate over their decision to cut Ryniewicz.

Are you surprised by the length some fans will go to when supporting a new rising artist that hasn’t really produced anything of their own worth listening to at this point?