Does Honey Boo Boo Deserve Another Chance?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo has been cancelled and over the past couple of weeks, the lives of the Shannon family have appeared to crumble -- and not to the displeasure of many. In an unfortunate display of schadenfreude, social media is rife with comments celebrating the cancellation of the hit TLC show as well as the apparent suffering of the family. That suffering is also being widely reported in the media, with the latest embarrassing story coming from TMZ reporting on Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell's recent money woes.

Anna has reached out for monetary help after the show was cancelled, and after media reports revealed that Mama June Shannon supposedly spent her oldest daughter's trust fund money. Of course internet trolls, cleverly disguised as disgusted fans, took Chickadee to task and accused her of being money-hungry, shaming her into removing her GoFundMe page. It seems that people have lost sight of the fact that this young woman is barely an adult who has not only been victimized once by her mother's poor choices, but now she's been left essentially destitute in round-two of the same depressing game -- and she has a young child. She was never armed with the ability to fend for herself in the first place, and now she's been left feeling like the entire world is against her, and her own mother has supposedly taken money from her. It's difficult not to believe that people would react differently if Anna wasn't a member of a polarizing family. Instead of being compassionate, however, the media and much of the public is too busy making fun of the victims in this tragedy. Jezebel is among many blogs poking fun at the fact that Anna is trying to sell essential oils to make ends meet.

Honey Boo Boo herself has been mostly absent during this scandal, even though the rest of her family has been vocal on social media and through interviews. While everyone rejoices the cancellation of their show, has anyone stopped to think about how Alana is holding up through all of this? After all, this was Alana's show. Her name is the household name. She's the talent. She's probably the member of the family with the most potential for a promising future. So why does she have to be punished for her mother's mistakes? Furthermore, why do the fans of the hit series need to suffer as well?

June Shannon admitted that she is not a perfect parent during her interview with Dr. Phil McGraw. There's very little doubt about this, especially with knowing that Anna's trust fund money has been spent on the man who victimized her over a decade ago. Nonetheless, she's no longer speaking to Mark McDaniel and has reportedly cut ties with him in wake of the controversy that unfolded. Sugar Bear has moved back into the home and normalcy has returned to the Shannon/Thompson family. Could it soon also be time to give Boo Boo's show another chance? After all, it was insanely popular and the fans don't want to say goodbye.

[Photo credit: Fast To Create/Honey Boo Boo]