Spoilers For ‘Sons Of Anarchy’: ‘Red Rose’ Is Best Show Of Season, Kurt Sutter Says

After taking a week off, Sons of Anarchy is back on FX Tuesday night with a new episode. While that is good news for fans, the bad news is that the series finale airs on December 9. Anybody who might have worried that the show would hold all its best stuff for the final episode apparently need not worry. The show’s creator, Kurt Sutter, as well as director Paris Barclay have teased that the December 2 episode titled “Red Rose” is absolutely not to be missed.

Barclay has been with the show for a long time and he’s seen a lot of great stuff. That said, Paris tweeted that the season 7, episode 12 show airing Tuesday night needs to be watched live and that fans really need to trust him on this. Long-time Sons of Anarchy fans know that it’s definitely not safe to go on social media until they’ve watched the show, but it seems that will be all the more important with “Red Rose.”

What does Kurt Sutter say about this one? There have been some outstanding moments in season 7 of the show already, particularly during the two most recent episodes. The Tig and Venus heartfelt talk, for example, along with Juice and Jax discussing Gemma’s role in Tara’s murder left fans impressed yet stunned. How will Sutter top those key SOA moments?

Fans don’t know what to expect from Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy show, but it’s clear that there are big things ahead. Sutter teased that in his opinion, this episode is the best of the season. He noted that there are amazing performances and he praised Barclay’s direction.

Not to be outdone, Theo Rossi, who plays Juice, shared and enticing Sons of Anarchy spoiler tease via Twitter as well. He taunts that “What I love most is that you guys are just going about your day and have NO idea what you are about to witness on #SOAFX tonight. #FinalRidetaunt.” It is hard to even imagine how this episode can live up to the hype, yet SOA fans are sure that it will.

There is another episode of Anarchy Afterword airing Tuesday night after SOA. Kevin Ryder of KROQ returns, and both Barclay and Sutter will be there. It is teased that there will be some surprise guests as well, and fans know what that probably means: mayhem ahead for someone in Charming.

Just what is known in terms of Sons of Anarchy spoilers for “Red Rose”? Jax will meet with the Indian Hills charter to discuss what led to Jury White’s death. Gemma is on the run, and it appears that she makes it to her father’s cabin. Unser meets with her there, but he says Jax is on his way.

In addition, there are hints that there is another key scene ahead for Juice and Tully. Is this were Ortiz will finally die? Some have theorized that Juice may manage to turn the tables, killing Tully and managing to survive himself, or at least getting some revenge on Tully before he is killed himself.

“Red Rose” will feature Ed Sheeran doing a new version of Foy Vance’s “Make It Rain.” MTV shared a clip of the song and it’s easy to see how it could fit in to SOA. Just what will be happening as the soulful, sorrowful song plays on? Knowing Sutter, fans can only imagine.

Tune in to the penultimate episode of Sons of Anarchy titled “Red Rose” airing on FX on Tuesday, December 2. Then stay tuned for Anarchy Afterword to see Kurt Sutter, Paris Barclay and others talk about the chaos that went down before the SOA series finale airs on December 9.

[Image via Byron Cohen/FX]