'American Horror Story' Returns This Week Complete With New Character

When American Horror Story returns with brand new episodes this Wednesday, it will also be sporting a brand new character. It appears that after the loss of the world's smallest woman to some rather deranged treasure hunters, it was time to replace her on the American Horror Story cast as well as the cast of our favorite freak show. There have been rumors about a new actor or actress joining the show for the last few weeks but it appears the program has now confirmed the addition of Crissy Metz, thanks to release of some promotional photos for an upcoming episode.

Crissy Metz, according to the International Business Times, isn't a well known actress but she also isn't a complete rookie. It should be pointed out that American Horror Story appears to be the first thing she has done that wasn't intended to be comedic. Before landing this particular role, Metz had most notably been seen in the Onion Movie and Loveless in Los Angeles.

Both those appearances were quite a few years ago, but it appears that American Horror Story has exactly the kind of role she can step into and play well. Judging from the stills that were released, it appears that the actress will be playing the freak show's "Fat Lady," considering the amount of food that is spread out before her in a number of shots. Other photos that have been making the rounds show Elsa clearly wooing Ima, as she is wrapping a napkin around her neck in order to keep food from falling on her dress.

When it comes to Episode 8 of American Horror Story, it appears Ima isn't the only piece of big news. Reports are that Gloria (Frances Conroy) is going to be making one final push in order to stop Dandy's (Finn Wittrock) murderous bloodlust. Since Twisty the clown was killed off, Dandy has been the biggest bad on the show for the last few episodes. It wouldn't be unlike the show to allow Dandy to be defeated only to see yet another bad guy rise up to create terror.

Earlier this year, some other AHS veterans had been reported to be making appearances during the final few episodes of the season's run. Gabourey Sidibe, who played a main character in the third season of AHS, is set to make another appearance in Episode 8 as well. While Lily Rabe is set to return at some point this season as well, it appears American Horror Story fans will have to wait a bit for the reappearance of Sister Mary Eunice.