Is Jessa Duggar Seewald Trying To Make Her New Sister-In-Law A Star? [Video]

Jessa Duggar Seewald is used to fame — she grew up on camera as one of the stars of TLC’s hit series 19 Kids and Counting since the age of 16. And it appears that she may be trying to make her new sister-in-law, 14-year-old Danielle Seewald, into a star as well.

And there is no denying that the young lady has a ton of talent!

22-year-old Jessa, who married husband Ben Seewald in November, posted a video on her Instagram of her sister-in-law singing, accompanied by a friend on the guitar. Watch the video below — you’ll have to remind yourself that Jessa’s sister-in-law is only 14 years of age when you hear how beautifully she sings.

“My sister-in-law Danielle (14 yrs. old), has an amazing voice!” Jessa Duggar Seewald wrote alongside the video. “I love to hear her sing! (Here she is accompanied by her friend Brielyn, on the guitar).”

Even accounting for family bias, there is no doubt that Jessa’s new sister-in-law has a wonderful voice.

Danielle is just one of Ben Seewald’s six siblings — a large family by almost anyone’s standards, except for maybe the Duggars themselves. Ben is the eldest of the Seewald children, followed by 17-year-old Jessica, 12-year-old Michelle, 10-year-old Ethan, eight-year-old Faith, and Thomas, the youngest, at age 5. All were recent guests at Jessa and Ben’s wedding in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The couple just celebrated their “one monthiversary” on Monday by posting a picture of themselves online, with Jessa writing, “”Today we’re celebrating our 1 ‘monthiversary!’ @ben_seewald, you’re amazing! I’m so blessed to call you mine!” and Ben posting on Facebook, “Crazy to think we’ve been married for a month! I love you Sweetheart!” He also posted a wedding photo to Instagram, writing: “One month ago today, I married my best friend! I love you, Baby!”

And, of course, baby bump watching has already started, even just one month after the wedding. One source told In Touch Weekly that the couple looks at sex as a gift from God, and that they couldn’t wait to “open it” on their wedding day, adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Jessa were pregnant already.”

“She’s got the experience, taking care of her brothers and sisters,” Jessa’s cousin Amy’s grandmother Lenora Jordan also told In Touch, adding, “Jess would be the perfect mother.”

But until baby Seewald makes his or her appearance in the form of a baby bump, it seems like Jessa could keep herself busy perhaps helping new sister-in-law Danielle with a music career!