Bill Cosby To Rape Accuser: I’d Better Never See Your Face Again

A minimum of 17 women have come forward to accuse Bill Cosby of rape as of December 2, and the recollections they have of their experiences with Cosby are harrowing. In a new interview with CNN, several of the Bill Cosby rape accusers have come forward with additional details about the fear that kept them from going public earlier.

"That was the premise of what went down, and fear for our lives, too. I was afraid for my life. I was looked at directly in the eye by Bill Cosby, [who] said 'I'd better never see your face or hear your name again' – and I listened."

Those are the words of Barbara Bowman, who wrote the scathing Washington Post opinion piece titled "Bill Cosby Raped Me: Why Did It Take 30 Years For People to Believe My Story?"Bowman sat with other Bill Cosby rape accusers for the new CNN interview – including Jewel Allison – to speak more in-depth about the reasons why they feared telling anyone about their experiences with Cosby soon after they occurred.

"I kept this as a secret inside of my soul. I initially did come out and tell a lot of friends. The night it happened I told someone…but fear is what kept me quiet."

Allison told CNN that she was afraid no one would believe her and that she had a fear of being victimized all over again. When Allison shared her story with a friend whom she knew from her modeling days – a woman whom Allison says has not yet gone public with her rape accusations against Bill Cosby – she realized that the two had a lot more than modeling in common.

"I realized I wasn't the only one when I ran into a girlfriend of mine. We modeled together. She has not come forward yet, but she came forward to me in her home. I told her, 'You must never tell anybody what you said to me.'"

Allison says she now regrets giving her friend the advice to not share her rape allegations against Bill Cosby sooner.

Janice Dickinson also spoke further about her history with Bill Cosby, calling him a "monster" whom she alleges raped her in a new CNN video, which shows Polaroid photos she says she took of Cosby wearing that infamous patchwork robe.

As reported by the Inquisitr, in the wake of the Bill Cosby rape controversy, the comedian has resigned from his longtime position on the Temple University board of trustees.

[Image credit: CNN interview with Bill Cosby accusers]