Homeless Kids Kicked Out Of Caretaker Home After Homeowner's TV Remote Goes Missing

In what has to be right up there among the most frivolous of reasons to punish children, a 12-year-old girl was kicked out of a home along with her nine-year-old brother after they unable to locate a TV remote control in the house they were staying overnight!

According to a KHOU report, the incident happened in Wicomico County in Salisbury, Maryland, on November 24. According to the report, a man and a woman are now facing charges after local law enforcement agencies found two children sitting outside a store late at night with no sign of a guardian around. The children were found sitting outside the Midway Minimart near Salisbury at around 11:15 p.m, reports Delmarva Now.

According to charging documents, the children told responding deputies that they were kicked out of the house after they were unable to find a TV remote that the homeowners wanted them to look for. The documents add that the girl told them they were sitting outside for "at least two hours."

The people who have been charged for doing this to the children are 44-year-old Leslie Ann Pruit Park and her husband, Leonard Joseph Parks, 62. In the charging documents, the couple have been accused of letting the two children out unattended.

"Leslie's husband, Leonard Joseph Parks, came home from work and told the kids to find the TV remote within 15 minutes or they were getting kicked out of the residence."
The children later told deputies another shocking fact. They had not eaten since noon that day. Following this revelation, the children were given food and officers contacted the Social Service. It was later revealed that the mother of the two children was out looking for the kids but was unable to locate them. The woman, who has not been identified yet, does not have a cellphone. In fact, the mother of the children had entrusted the children in the care of Leslie since she was homeless.

Authorities have charged Leonard Parks with two counts of neglect of minor and two counts of contributing to the condition of a child. His wife Leslie Parks has been charged with two counts of conspiracy -- neglect of minor and two counts of conspiracy –contribute to condition of child.

The couple have however been released from the Wicomico County Detention Center after they agreed to a $30,000 bond. The couple who recently had bail review hearings will stand trial for the case on January 29, according to court records.

This is not the first time the Inquisitr has reported about children being inappropriately punished. Back in 2013, we had reported about an Ohio couple who forced their kids in to boxes as a means of punishment.

[Image via Delmarva Now]