Anderson Cooper Undergoes Emergency Surgery

Anderson Cooper has revealed that he underwent emergency surgery on Monday night. According to a message, posted via Twitter, Cooper was diagnosed with appendicitis. As the condition required immediate surgery, the talk show host was absent during Monday’s taping of Anderson Cooper 360º.

Although no explanation was provided during the show, John Berman stepped in to take Cooper’s place. As reported by People, his fans were confused and somewhat “despondent” about his sudden and unexplained absence.

Thankfully, Anderson Cooper insists he will return to the airwaves tonight. Although the emergency surgery was necessary, the talk show host seems to have made a quick recovery.

As reported by Hopkins Medical, appendicitis is a serious infection which can be fatal if untreated. Thankfully, Cooper’s condition was diagnosed and treated before it caused any chronic or life-threatening issues.

The son of Gloria Vanderbilt, Cooper was born and raised in New York City. Following his graduation from the Dalton School and Yale University, Cooper began his successful career as a news anchor.

Prior to hosting Anderson Cooper 360º, Cooper was a news correspondent for ABC and CNN. Biography reports that the news anchor became “a household name” with his coverage of the death of Pope John Paul II in April 2005. His popularity was further buoyed with his coverage of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

In his self-named talk show, Cooper discusses current events and breaking news. The hour-long program is generally recorded live at Time Warner Center Studios and broadcast by CNN and CNN International.

In addition to current and breaking news, the program also features several recurring segments, including “Crime and Punishment,” Keeping Them Honest,” “Ridiculist,” and Equal Justice.”

Throughout his career Cooper has received numerous awards, including the Bronze Award from the National Educational Film and Video Festival, the GLAAD Media Award, the National Headliners Award, the Silver Plaque from the Chicago International Film Festival, and numerous Emmy awards.

As his sexuality was often a topic of rumors and speculation, Anderson Cooper revealed that his is gay during a 2012 interview. Following his admission, the popular talk show host stated that he “couldn’t be any more happy, comfortable with [himself], and proud.”

Anderson Cooper’s dry sense of humor, quick wit, and outstanding journalism have won him millions of fans worldwide. Although there was concern about his absence on Monday evening, it seems that the talk show host has recovered just in time for Tuesday’s program.

[Image via Debateout]