Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: New Blockbuster Witnesses Ready To Give Crucial Info, Lawyer Claims

New Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 witnesses, who could provide "relevant and crucial" information about the plane's mysterious disappearance, are preparing to come forward and testify in a lawsuit brought by two teenage Chinese boys` whose father was a passenger on the missing plane, the top lawyer for the boys revealed Tuesday.

The tantalizing hint of a potential breakthrough in the Malaysia Airlines mystery came as a judge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia gave the airline an extra two weeks to file its defense documents in the lawsuit, brought in October by the two sons of missing passenger Jee Jiang.

After that occurs, lawyer Datuk Arunan Selvaraj, who represents the boys, said that his team need extra time to pore over the legal documents in the case. The court set a date of January 12 for both sides to appear in court and give the judge an update on the lawsuit, which charges Malaysia Airlines with negligence and breach of contract.

At that appearance, the judge is expected to set a date for the lawsuit to come to trial.

But in the meantime, Selvaraj said, he has uncovered new witnesses who say they have crucial information about the missing Flight MH370, and he plans to meet shortly.

The lawyer said he could not, at this time, divulge any more details about the witnesses or the nature of the information they might provide.

"We have been very much encouraged by the fact that many experts in related fields have contacted us and availed themselves to render their expert opinions in relation to this incident," said another lawyer for the boys, Gary Edward Chong. "What's even more encouraging is that a lot of parties with relevant and crucial information which forms the pivotal basis for our clients' case, have volunteered to come forward to assist."
Chong said that he and Selvaraj plan to meet with the witnesses sometime in the next two months.

In addition to Malaysia Airlines itself, the lawsuit names the Malaysian government, the country's director-general of Civil Aviation, director-general of Immigration and chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force as defendants in the Flight MH370 negligence claim.

The family of Jee Jiang filed the lawsuit, the lawyers said, because they believe that more than enough time has passed to find some trace of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. Flight MH370 disappeared en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on March 8. Despite a multi-million dollar, multi-national search, not a single trace of the missing Boeing 777 has been discovered.