'Parenthood' Spoilers: Haddie Set To Return For Series Finale

Only a few more episodes of Parenthood remain before the series finale and fans are bracing themselves for heartbreak. While there has been plenty of talk of something ahead that fans will likely not be happy about, there is good news coming out as well. New Parenthood spoilers indicate that the character of Haddie will head back to spend time with the Braverman family in the series finale.

BuzzFeed shares the Parenthood spoilers about Haddie's return. Haddie, played by Sarah Ramos, has been seen only occasionally since the character left for college in Season 4. She has been back a couple of brief times, but not as often as many fans would like.

What brings Haddie back this time? So far those Parenthood spoilers remain under wraps. Unfortunately, many fans suspect they may already have an idea. There has been a lot of buzz that one of the Braverman family members will die this season, with many looking at the possibility of this being Zeek. Seeing Haddie return for her grandfather's funeral would certainly make sense and fans would be upset if she wasn't back for such a key family event.

The show's creator, Jason Katims, said via Vulture that he has always felt that if they knew exactly when the show would end, telling the story of the family dealing with a death would be something he wanted to do. That said, Katims and the cast have danced around the question of someone dying but little else is known quite yet. It does seem that the show is heading there at the end of the season, but nothing much has been confirmed.

Katims explains that part of why he has been vague on this storyline point is that he wants the audience to experience it as it happens on the show rather than know too many specifics ahead of time. Will the Parenthood finale go with what might be a bit of a predictable ending now, with Zeek dying and the family gathering to mourn his loss? Or could there be a shocker coming out of left field?

The network announced some time ago that this 13-episode season would be the show's last, with just four more to go after the winter hiatus. However, fans are quite vocal in saying that they don't want the show to end and they wish it would somehow get a reprieve. Unfortunately, there are no plans to continue the show on NBC or elsewhere, but it seems the last few episodes will definitely pack a punch.

How does the six season run end? Fans can't be sure yet, but they are intrigued to know that something will transpire that pulls Haddie Braverman back into the fold in that final episode. Parenthood returns with new episodes beginning on January 8.

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