William Paterson University Gang Rape And Kidnapping Complaint Filed By Female Student

A female William Paterson University student was gang raped and held captive in a dorm room by five men. The unidentified female student maintains that she was forced to perform sex acts while being held against her will. Five men have been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault in relation to the William Paterson University rape case.

The William Paterson University rape suspects were also students at the New Jersey college and have been barred from campus. The female student reported the kidnapping and gang rape last week. The five male students turned out the lights in the Overlook South dorm room and utilized "coercion" or "physical force" to rape the young woman, according to the criminal complaint filed with local authorities.

The five William Paterson University rape suspects now awaiting trial include Jahmel Latimer, Termaine Scott, Noah Williams, Garrett Collick, and Darius Singleton. All of the New Jersey gang rape suspects are 18. The charges levied against them range from aggravated criminal sexual contact to kidnapping. Bail for each of the rape suspects was set at $200,000 each.

Jahmel Latimer is accused of pulling the William Paterson University rape victim's hair and forcing her to perform sex acts. The other four New Jersey rape suspects allegedly conspired to commit sexual assault and "restrained another person unlawfully and exposed them to risk of serious bodily injury."

William Paterson University President Kathleen Waldron told the media that all five of the rape suspects have been banned from campus. "My deepest concern is for the victim of this criminal act who has courageously stepped forward to take legal action and seek justice," Waldron said in a release. "No expression of anger or sadness on my part can alleviate the harm done to the victim and my heart goes out to her and her family."

The criminal complaint from the female student was reportedly brief in nature, but detailed a "violent sexual attack" by the five men. Garrett Collick allegedly said before the gang rape began, that if the female William Paterson University student wanted to have sex with him, she would have to have sex with his friends too. "Well, let's have sex" Collick allegedly concluded.

At some point during the alleged gang rape, Jamel Latimer walked into the dorm room. When Latimer asked what was going on, his friends said they were having sex with the woman. According to the complaint Latimer said, "Oh word, can I jump on that?"

The New Jersey college gang rape claims surfaced just a few weeks after a similar incident allegedly occurred at a University of Virginia fraternity house.

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[Image via: William Paterson University]