Meghan Trainor Is All About That Uptown Funk [Video]

Normally, she's "All About That Bass" but Meghan Trainor has decided to give Bruno Mars a run for his money. The popstar who recently performed her hit "Lips Are Moving" at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, posted some video's Monday showcasing her dancing skills. The set of five videos on Instagram show her and two of her backup dancers practicing some of Bruno Mars' move from his official video with Mark Ronson for "Uptown Funk."

The original video featuring Mars and Ronson was written and produced in collaboration by the two, and according to the Rolling Stone "loads up on Funkadelic-styled slap-bass and synth." And the video follows those same lines. With throwbacks to some of the funkiest dance moves of the seventies.

Many people fell in love with the track and the video, including the Today Show's Hoda Kotb who posted on Twitter that she could not stop listening and that, "old school is new again!!!"

Mars posted "Is you dancin yet?" on Twitter getting people ready to get down to that "Uptown Funk."Apparently, Meghan Trainor accepted the challenge as you can see from the video below. Trainor and her two backup dancers replicate perfectly some of Mars' moves from the video. Trainor's fans shared their appreciation for the videos, with one fan posting that "most def love your Bruno dance vids..."

Trainor, seen lip syncing while rolling out the fancy moves, had some thinking that the trio were just girls having some good old fashioned fun, but a fan posted this video on YouTube from her performance in Corpus Christi, Texas later that night showing that Trainor was learning the moves and words to share with her audience.

MTV touted Trainor's efforts saying, "It's as if Bruno taught them the dance himself..." and "they have the hand wiggle down pat." Well they had a lot more than that down. "Bruno Mars may bring the swagger, but Meghan and her backup dances got them moves like Jagger," as MTV said. Singer, songwriter, producer, and now dancer - Meghan Trainor proved she's about a whole lot more than just that bass.

[Photo Courtesy of Andrew Toth]