Jeremih Arrest Warrant Controversy: Watch Video Of Beer-Bottle Throwing Incident

Jeremih Felton – better known as simply "Jeremih" to his fans – had a bona fide hit on his hands this year when his "Don't Tell Em" song became an anthem to cheating and served as encouragement to help the mysterious leading lady subject of Jeremih's song stay on the "down low" or "sneak tip," as goes the vernacular. On December 2, however, news broke about a potential arrest warrant being issued for Jeremih over new surveillance video just released by TMZ, wherein Jeremih can be seen donning a black hooded coat while a member of the Jeremih crew tosses liquid substances and then a bottle at figures behind a counter at a fast food establishment.

"Girl you know I'm from Chicago – I act a fool, Bobby Brown with it. Nobody take me out though…"
It seems Billboard asked a prophetic question about Jeremih nine days ago with their article titled, "'I Only Blame Myself': Is Reclusive R&B Singer Jeremih Holding Back His Own Career?"

That's because the new video released by TMZ purports to show Jeremih and his crew, in footage dated November 5, 2014, at a Fuddruckers in Billings, Montana. According to the Fuddruckers manager, Jeremih and his team were flirting with a female Fuddruckers employee and allegedly "went nuts" when the manager asked Jeremih and his friends to back off. That's when Jeremih and his crew reportedly called the manager a racist and started throwing beer bottles.

Police in Billings, Montana, have reviewed the video of the Jeremih beer-throwing incident and have approached prosecutors about gaining an arrest warrant for Jeremih and any other allegedly responsible parties whom can be charged with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct.

"I want to show some skin now. Over the next few months, if you don't hear about me, something's wrong."
The 27-year-old Jeremih has received many accolades for being a breakthrough artist, and was even nominated for a Grammy back in 2009. Jeremih also received a nomination for an NAACP "Outstanding New Artist" Award in 2010.

Although the well-known hit from Jeremih named "Birthday Sex" drew controversy when Jeremih was chosen as a Chicago Public Schools role model, reports ABC, Jeremih has largely only been in the spotlight because of his musical talents until the latest video featuring the bottle-throwing melee was released.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Justin Bieber has even recognized the talents of Jeremih to provide an R&B, hip-hop flavor and edge to his own hits via successful collaborations.

[Image credit: TMZ video of Jeremih]