Elizabeth Lauten Illustrates Ugly Side Of Today's Politics

Elizabeth Lauten has had quite a successful career in politics up to this point. It seems likely that Ms. Lauten's latest antics are going to put a damper in any aspirations Elizabeth had for advancement. By now, most people have heard about Elizabeth Lauten's comments about President Obama's daughters.

In those comments, she said the girls should show some class, despite the fact that they were teenagers. This less than classy attack came despite the fact that Elizabeth Lauten didn't show a ton of class herself when she was actually older than either one of the girls. The posting on social media by the congressional aid, who has since been fired was met with quite a bit of outrage, even by other Republican but the question has to be asked as to why the aid thought it was okay to post such a comment.

It seems at the very least that it was a miscalculation by Elizabeth Lauten. It also seems as though Elizabeth Lauten forgot that she once expressed some real fear when it came to social media. According to the Washington Post, the aid once wrote an article in which she said she felt Facebook and other social media sites could turn into the next "big brother."

Despite that well placed fear, Elizabeth Lauten seemed to have forgotten her own warnings. She also seemed to think that the political theater had become the kind that would allow her to go after the President's children. It turns out that the temperature isn't quite where people are willing to let someone go after a politician's child. The fact that she thought it was, does show we might be heading there sooner or later.

Elizabeth Lauten's comments are all that more ridiculous because she herself was a teen who didn't know how to behave at all times and for all occasions. While that is indeed most teens, most teens aren't taunted on social media. More than thinking a politician's child was fair game, her comments also seem to show just how much she believes the public is willing to take when it comes to going after President Obama.

While he certainly isn't the most popular president the country has ever seen, he is viewed as a loving father who has done as much as he could to keep his kids safe and secure. Elizabeth Lauten decided it was worth taking a shot at them to see how much traction she could get.