Did Katie Maloney Of 'Vanderpump Rules' Cheat On Her Boyfriend Tom Schwartz?

Katie Maloney was the target of a nasty rumor on last night's Vanderpump Rules. During the episode, her co-star, Jax Taylor, claimed she had cheated on her boyfriend, Tom Schwartz, and been caught by three different people.

"Over lunch, in which the actors are chewing every piece of food just a bit too dramatically, Jax Taylor proclaims that Katie Maloney cheated on Tom Schwartz," LALATE reported on December 1. "But who did Katie allegedly sleep with, and did Katie allegedly sleep with Jax as well?"

While Taylor was not the man who he claimed Katie Maloney hooked up with, both he and Scheana Marie claimed to have seen Maloney's alleged infidelity, and they claim Maloney not only kissed the unnamed man on the neck, but also motor-boated his crotch.

Tom Sandoval said, "Katie I don't know if you are drunk or don't remember, but three people saw this."

"Sorry it did not happen," she responded.

Taylor then noted, "You criticize everyone's relationship, but you don't have the perfect relationship."

"Relationships are horrible, you can go," he added, joking, "Did Stassi tell you that you can come out?"

At that point, Maloney had become frustrated with the conversation, and turned to Schwartz for support.

"Are we happy? Is everything good?" she asked.

"Everything is great," he replied.

Still, Katie Maloney wasn't happy.

"I want my boyfriend to man up. Get a steady job. Prove that you are serious about me," she told him. "Who sits there while his two friends are calling my relationship a joke?"

His answer? "The more you give a problem attention, the more it grows."

In both Maloney and Schwartz's blogs for Bravo, the cheating rumor was addressed.

"It's nothing but a fabricated lie that grew from the mouths of scorned, vindictive people who simply were out to get me," Maloney wrote. "No matter what, Jax and Kristen are the supernova of cheaters -- and nothing any of us could do would compare. They shoud have just stopped while they were ahead."

"It was honestly laughable. I struggled to take them seriously even for a moment," Schwartz added. "Even if they were true, I know it would have been innocent/drunk flirting. Not that I think that's acceptable within a relationship -- but you have to be reasonable and have perspective." That said, as the Inquisitr reported, Schwartz would be heartbroken if Maloney did, in fact, cheat.

As the season, which may be extended, according to an Inquisitr report, plays out, more cheating rumors surface. In a report by Bustle, it is noted that Schwartz is accused of cheating on Maloney in next week's episode.

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