Missing Plane: Flight 370 Conspiracy Theories Continue To Circulate 9 Months Later

It has been nine months since Malaysia Airlines flight 370 went missing, and the plane has not turned up anywhere despite ongoing search efforts. Since the Boeing 777 disappeared from radar back in March, people have been wondering what might have happened to the aircraft, and to the 239 passengers and crew on board. The more time that passes, the more conspiracy theories circulate. According to The Week, more people seem to be thinking about "other" possibilities when it comes to the plane's whereabouts.

The site points out a poll taken by CNN over the summer that showed that 1/10 Americans believe that "space aliens, time travelers or beings from another dimension" had something to do with the plane's disappearance. Even more people have other theories, perhaps more "realistic" ones.

The missing plane is believed to be in the southern Indian Ocean based on satellite data. However, there has not been any sign of the fuselage anywhere in the area. Without any hard evidence or tangible proof, people seem to be looking for answers elsewhere. For instance, many believe that the plane was hijacked by terrorists. There has been at least one report that the plane landed in a small village in Afghanistan near Pakistan. Some sources furthered the claim, saying that the passengers were divided up, and have been living in "mud huts with almost no food."

If that's not something you will buy into, there is always that theory that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 and flight MH17 were the same plane. How that might have happened is really up to your imagination, but some conspiracy theorists believe that flight 370 landed somewhere (perhaps Diego Garcia Island), and then was deliberately crashed months later in Russia.

According to the Telegraph, pilot suicide is among a top theory. And while that is a very real possibility, people still want to talk about what else could have happened. Was the plane shot down? Could the plane have been controlled by a remote location? These questions won't be answered until the plane is found... and even then there is no guarantee that the world will ever know the truth.

The missing Malaysia Airlines plane could really be anywhere at this point. Most people either believe one thing or another: The plane is either in the water or it's on land. How it got to either place is unknown.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a Boeing pilot believes that the plane is four miles under the ocean's surface, all in one piece. Byron Bailey believes that the fuselage will be found if the search continues. Do you?

[Photo courtesy of Phillip Capper from Wellington, New Zealand via Wikimedia Commons]