'Distance' Racer: Will This PS4 Exclusive 'Wipe Out' Your 'Need For Speed'? [Video]

The new Distance racer is coming to the PlayStation 4, and it is about to break nearly every rule you know in racing. Need for Speed is going to look old-fashioned.

This upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive appears to be taking the frantic action of Tron's bike races and mixing them with Mario Kart 8 … in the Matrix. At first it appears to be a simplistic neon-lit racing game set in a virtual world, but soon the Distance announcement trailer shows us how different it's going to be.

The cars will float over the track and deal with incredible obstacles in amazing ways, even transforming temporarily into a plane of sorts. Where this title leaves previous games in the dust is how much it takes inspiration from games like WipeOut and F-Zero, and builds on the concept until you're literally leaving the track, traversing laser fields, and pulling anti-gravity stunts you've probably never seen in a racing game.

Refract is calling its Distance racer a survival game, apparently even taking inspiration from Resident Evil.

You will leave the track entirely, fly through lightning and rings, get sliced in half by vertical lasers, and navigate around obstacles in midair as you just try to keep your car in one piece by the time you hit the finish line.

According to the Distance trailer, you will have access to online multiplayer (a standard in racing), use a split screen so you can race against local competition, and try your luck at several modes designed to push your skills to their limits.

Sprint Mode is the basic "point A to point B" race, where you cross the finish line in as little time as you can.

Challenge Mode will undoubtedly throw obstacles at you as you try to get your best time.

Reverse Tag Mode appears to involve flipping the car and getting help from other players in Refract's Distance racer.

Stunt Mode will let you unleash your most insane flips and dodges as you most likely rack up as many points as possible.

Adventure Mode appears to have a storyline, and will probably be the focus of single player games.

At the end of the Distance trailer, it asks you, "Can you survive the distance?"

We'll find out when the Distance release date hits in 2015. What do you think of the new PS4 exclusive Distance racer? Will this be the first great racing game on Sony's newest console?

[Image via YouTube]